As we write, it is November 2017 and we are breathless from all that has happened on site in the past year. We will be adding several posts, beginning with December 2016, to tell the story in the correct order, from rain and snow to wildflowers and wildfires.

Our holiday 2016 work trip was short- just a few days indoors to finish the complex ventilation system so that our carpenter could continue framing the interior walls of Dome 2. Still, it gave us a chance to experience the domes in a winter storm.  At this stage, prior to waterproofing and earth berming the exterior, water was leaking in everywhere. We were damp, chilled, and awed by the beauty of the mist and rain.

Ian and Susan visited us for an indispensable couple of hours when the sun returned to help with the ventilation and warm us up with their good cheer!


Kiyo, our sweet dog who lived a joyful life roaming the mountain, passed away after Christmas. His final excursions were to the domes.

January 2017: A snow storm hit while we were on the east coast. Our mother, Ann, sent these lovely photos of the domes under a blanket of snow:

And then glorious spring and goldfields arrived, also without us: