Zach Horton is a professional filmmaker as well as a scholar.  The following is a selection of films directed by Horton.



Swerve was produced as a collaboration between film professionals, students, and faculty at UC Santa Barbara, from 2010 to 2014.  The resulting film is 3 hours 37 minutes in length, split into ten thematic chapters.

Please visit the Swerve site to watch all chapters for free, as well as production information, downloads, and the Academic Swerve Wiki.



Whatever Happened to Solar Innovation?

85 minutes.  An academic documentary exploring the failure of the market-based innovation system to support second- and third-generation solar photovoltaic technologies, which have enormous potential social and ecological value.  Produced with Chris Newfield at the Center for Nanotechnology and Society, University of California, Santa Barbara.  Released in 2014.

This is the full film, free to watch via Vimeo.



A trilogy of feature-length narrative films produced from 2006 to 2009.

Please visit the Disaster Trilogy site for more information.


Political Disasters


120 minutes.  Two families intertwined by business and romance find that their slowly unraveling milieu mirrors the rise of George W. Bush’s presidential career.


Airplane Disasters

AD- guitar-acorn tree

105 minutes.  An experimental fable about the war in Iraq and at home.


Natural Disasters

-ND-looking out window

105 minutes.  A postmodern fable about racism in America.  Natural Disasters takes place in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.





27 minutes.  Zach Horton’s MFA Thesis Film from the American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory in 2005.


After The End


29 minutes.  Zach Horton’s apocalyptic honors thesis film from UC San Diego in 2003.